Apprenticeships are an increasingly important entry point into our industry and PBA has been supporting the National Apprenticeship Consortium for Engineering to help develop and promote apprenticeships nationally.

In addition, we have joined forces with 18 engineering consultancies to create the Technician Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC), an influential body to drive the progression and delivery of sector specific apprenticeships. In the last 12 months, TAC has developed a rail-specific apprenticeship, and is currently developing further programmes in Transport, Planning, Environmental and Civil Engineering.

As part of our work with TAC, and through collaboration with UK colleges, PBA has helped to develop a Service Level Agreement to enhance the quality of college learning provision and ensure it continues to meet industry requirements.

In 2016, we also led the development of a TAC video to raise awareness of Technical Apprenticeships. The video was launched in National Apprenticeship Week and used as part of a wider campaign. It reached 40,000 young people across the country.

For more information about our apprenticeships and to watch the video see here.