Paradise Birmingham


Paradise Birmingham

PBA’s infrastructure design and advice has optimised the space available for development at Paradise Birmingham – one of the largest speculative developments outside London.

The £500 million development will see the transformation of seventeen acres of city centre land, with the creation of new civic, retail, leisure and hotel facilities, public transport and public realm space, all contributing to the city's impressive growth. The redevelopment scheme includes working in collaboration with Centro on the proposed Metro Extension (Tramway).

PBA has been involved in this project from an early scoping phase which included redesigning the highway layout and outlining modifications to the existing structures. Our work included rethinking traditional traffic movements and assessing the impact of a radical new road layout within a very busy network.

We created a layout to maximise the development footprint, which in turn enabled the scheme to be viable and be delivered. As well as maximising the site and making more efficient use of the existing highway network, the scheme creates new pedestrian routes between the city centre and Jewellery Quarter to the north. This reflects historic street patterns and prioritises pedestrians.

We continue to provide support on the design, construction phasing and traffic management during the construction period. The final development will see the creation of up to 1.8m sq ft of office-led mixed-use space in up to 10 buildings. The first phase comprises two speculative office buildings providing over 350,000 sq ft of space to be delivered by the end of 2018, with the overall scheme completion expected in 2025.