Supporting the North of England with the RTPI


Supporting the North of England with the RTPI

30 May 2019

Leeds – PBA, now part of Stantec, has produced a report for the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), which investigates how to ensure plans for transformational infrastructure investment across the North of England can succeed in bringing economic, social and environmental benefits to this part of the country.

The report “Ambitions for the North: People and Place”, was commissioned by the RTPI to develop a set of shared ambitions which can promote cooperation across the North and use improved strategic planning to deliver a more sustainable and inclusive approach to growth.

Keith Mitchell, Director of Communities, who will be presenting the report at the RTPI event ‘Planning for Northern People and Places’ today, commented:

‘We have engaged widely with stakeholders across the North of England to identify the strategic aims that should underpin the spatial framework. A clear message from this process was that a compelling vision is needed; that this should focus on positive opportunities to become more competitive and attractive as a place to live, work and invest, and that it should be inclusive of all communities across the North of England.’

Key recommendations from the report include:

• A Northern spatial vision built around high quality rail connections and next generation infrastructure.

• A transformational vision for housing which provides an alternative to the government’s numbers-driven ‘standard methodology’ and aligns more closely with the North’s growth agenda.

• Spatial strategies for housing, jobs, infrastructure and the environment covering each functional area within the North, coupled with new tariff models for funding and delivering key infrastructure.

• Local connectivity plans which link the delivery of major transport infrastructure to regeneration opportunities and improvements to local sustainable transport

• An informal ‘place network’ for authorities in rural and coastal areas of the North, coupled with dedicated resources, to foster innovation and collaboration in local planning.

• A Northern ‘spatial planning observatory’ which provides trusted, open-source data and evidence for collaborative plan-making.

Another of the report’s authors, Bernard Greep, Director, Planning and Growth – Northern Powerhouse, said:

‘We are delighted to have been asked to produce such a high-profile framework at a key moment in time for the North of England. The framework provides a great platform for us to build on the period of unprecedented growth that is anticipated for this incredibly diverse and important part of the country. We look forward to helping our clients and the communities across the North to benefit from a transformational economic future.’

“Ambitions for the North”, was co-authored with the University of Newcastle.

Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell

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Bernard Greep

Bernard Greep

Director – Planning and Growth

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