PBA International


PBA International

Welcome to PBA International, now part of Stantec. We are a fully owned subsidiary of PBA operating in Germany and the Czech and Slovak Republics for over 20 years.

Founded in 1998, our Prague office now houses the largest M&E team in the area with an impressive BIM and 3D modelling capability and track record.  

Our core services include:  

  • BIM and 3D revit modelling
  • BREEAM and LEED assessments
  • Buildings
  • Civil Engineering
  • Energy modelling
  • Infrastructure
  • M&E design services
  • Project management
  • Structural engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Transport

We work on landmark buildings projects across the Czech Republic such as the world’s most powerful laser research centre, the ELI, the O2 Arena extension, CSOB bank HQ, Amazon’s new office building, the Florentinum and the National Technical Library. 

We also have two sister offices in Germany and Slovakia that we work in collaboration with to provide our services across Europe. Collectively, the PBA International team understands the realities of creating world-class buildings and knows how to strike the balance between innovative design, sustainable development and economic viabilities to create value for our clients. 

Key People

Martin Duris

Director – Buildings

Henk Gelens

Director – Land Development Europe