Land north of Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire


Key facts

Land north of Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire

Land North of Cherry Hinton is a development project in Cambridge on a 45-hectare, part-greenfield, part-brownfield site.

As part of the Cambridge East Area Action Plan and the now adopted Local Plan, this area has been allocated for the creation of 1,200 residential units. The site includes land owned by two separate parties who have agreed to work together to deliver a high quality new neighbourhood for the City.

Our team have conducted extensive modelling related to flood risk and surface water management, including the diversion of a water course, creation of flood compensation areas, and an earthworks strategy. Land contamination legacy issues required extensive investigation and detailed quantitative risk assessment as part of protracted negotiations with regulators.

We also produced transport evidence that considered the benefits of providing a vehicular through-route within the site, and this was then used by the authorities to determine the appropriate movement strategy to be endorsed and reflected through their own supplementary planning document (SPD).

We have worked collaboratively with the client, project team, local landowners, and local authorities to progress the environmental statement and the masterplan in parallel with the SPD, resulting in a robust planning application that meets all local authority requirements. The planning application for the development was successfully submitted in March 2018, marking a major milestone for the project after nearly two years of work. It is expected to be approved in June 2019.