Expert witness


Expert witness

Technical evidence and formal verification of advice from others is an essential part of the UK’s planning and judicial systems and forms a part of the process of resolving contested proposals, adjudication, arbitration and court work.

A number of our senior staff are recognised as leaders in their fields and can act as expert witnesses. We are focused on delivering a persuasive case for our clients in planning enquiries. On issues where we owe a duty to the court, CPR 35 compliant advice in civil cases can be provided. Opportunities for dispute resolution tend to be a common feature of this work which can be technically complex and we aim to provide the most straightforward and pragmatic advice geared to solutions for the parties.

Our services include:

  • Geotechnical engineering: often includes loss of support, slope stability, excessive settlement and foundation failures.
  • Planning: providing evidence on land use and planning policy, viability, retail impact and environmental aspects affecting permissions.
  • Structural and civil engineering: often includes advice on building performance, engineering design interfaces, subcontractor design scope and forensic investigations.
  • Waste: includes due diligence appraisals of waste technology, strategy, flood risk and sustainability.

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